Winter Fancy Food Show 2020 in San Francisco

Winter Fancy Food Show 2020 in San Francisco (follows as WFFS)
January 19th(Sun) – 21st(Tue), 2020
Moscone Convention Center, SanFrancisco

Total 5 companies exhibits from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)


South Hall which has Japan Pavilion on basement, and there is elevator to main entrance.
Moscone convention center was rebuild 2 years ago, and it’s very clean.

<Japan Pavilion>
Location of booth is in front of escalator, and was really good place.
Japanese design board were set up, and Japan Pavilion was easy to see from each places.

2.General Information
JAPAN TACOM continue to participate this exhibition for several years.
There was the time to secure booth by ourselves, but TACOM exhibit in JETRO booth in late years.
We got 3 booths from JETRO Japan pavilion booth and we were able to exhibit this year.
There are many problems to affect trans-fatty acid, partially hydrogenated oil and fat, and other raw materials regulation for food export business to the United States.
We must study and deal with regulation occurs year by year such inspection of FSMA of FDA. Market development to the American market is attractive and economy of the United States is steady and it also reflected to the stock prices.

TACOM focus on market development mainly in the West Coast of U.S, and considering we were able to expand and develop in Asian market of the West Coast.
It is the situation that we are repeating trial and error for market development from the Asian market to mainstream as next step.
All participants who planned it at first on preparations day came to venue on the day before the exhibition (January 18th) and was able to carry out the preparations smoothly, and completed exhibition without any big accident.

JAPAN TACOM participated to the exhibition as supporting business by MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries), and we have big support to develop new market in overseas. Followings are situation and report of WFFS.

(Lay out by roll type of hanging poster)
②TACOM Catalog 100 sets
③TACOM Character designed Shopping bags for samples

4.Situation of exhibition
❶Visitors during show
It was rainy on last day and less visitors, but there were many visitors during 1st and 2nd days with good weather.

❷Preparation day(January 18th)
There are problem of receiving badge even we are participated as association, and it’s happening every time every year. EIWA America helped to get badge.

We definitely want to ask organizer for improvement of the problem of badge every time, and there are some exhibitor which has booth at Japan Pavilion couldn’t get it for long time, and asked help to solve the problem to JETRO.

❸During exhibition period(January 19th – 21st)

There is big change every year when we exhibit in San Francisco, and feel thing is
changing fast every year.

①One of the member of company made English package with design for American market, and numbers of buyer who stopped was increased and also had more chance for meeting. All buyer said product with 1 year shelf life is necessary to get into mainstream market.

②JETRO brought us buyer of COST PLUS. There are less chance to talk with buyer of mainstream store, and it was big opportunity for JAPAN TACOM.

③Moscone center north hall is mainly for domestic market, and most of exhibitors are local American companies. There were many wine and liquor companies last year, but decreased almost half of numbers this year, and changed to Cheese company. There are many Cheese company in European sections too.

④According to the news, economic in the U.S is doing well, and it seems reflect to sales of retail stores. There are many customers at department stores for bargain sales.

We had many customers from first day, and could have good business meeting with many customers. Location of Japan Pavilion was near elevator, so it also made us chance to meet with many visitors.
We also had great meeting with buyer who were introduced by JETRO. We also would like to inform more good buyers about exhibition in advance for having meeting with each company.

One of the company which is member of JAPAN TACOM also made English package which is suitable for market in the U.S, and many American buyers stopped by booth compared last year.
Recognized English package product attract more customers compared product package only with Japanese.

We will try to make good relationship with buyers who came to our booth this time, and hope to start business.

In the End, We would like to appreciate JETRO to made us chance for exhibition and their effort, and we are going to develop more new market in the world for delicious and safety Japanese confectionery.