February 2nd(Sun) – 5th(Wed), 2020
Koelnmesse (Germany)

Total 5 companies exhibits from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)


Walked from Koelnmesse station and entered in South Entrance

2.General Information
JAPAN TACOM exhibited ISM 2020 as members of 5 companies mentioned above. It was the first time for JAPAN TACOM to exhibit in ISM.
It’s also first time to exhibit in Cologne, Germany even as ex-TACOM through history for past 60 years. It was the first time to exhibit in Europe 2 years ago when we exhibit to SIAL Paris in France, and this is the second time to exhibit in EU. JAPAN TACOM is starting to expand market in EU now.

Aim of exhibit is developing European market and make new contract to increase sales, so we sent message to buyers in advance. We had meeting with customers who made appointment in schedule.

Due to price of hotel in the cologne city where an exhibition was carried out is too high, we stayed at hotel with reasonable price in the Dusseldorf city and moved by train every day to venue. We had plenty of time for movement, because the train doesn’t arrive on scheduled.

Armed police officer stood on each street corner with an automatic gun in the Paris city at the time of SIAL and felt it was not safety, but there is nothing like that in Germany, and felt it was comparatively safe.

Most of buyers from U.S didn’t participate to exhibition, because self-restraint made by President Trump in the U.S due to coronavirus (COVID-19) spread worldwide before the exhibition.
China always took much space in the big exhibition and emphasized presence, but many of Chinese exhibitor canceled under the influence of coronavirus this time just before the exhibition became the topic.

We finished trade shows without any accident. We exhibited ISM as supporting business from MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries), and report is followings.

3.Situation of exhibition
Confirmed venue on January 31st before member of JAPAN TACOM arrive, because of anxious about big venue and it was first time, but booths were set, and there are ordered table with equipment.

❶Preparation day (February 1st)
We took taxi and brought samples because it was rainy. Taxi driver knew location of our hall 5 even there many halls, so could easily to carry samples.

Start to set up poster, and prepared samples, catalog, and start to make each booth.

❷Exhibition (February 2nd – 5th)

Exhibited samples to confirm lay out of booth yesterday, but put it back to locker to prevent from theft, so set it up again before show.

<Situation of exhibition>

Finished show on last day February 5th.

4.Business meeting with buyers
❶Photo of meeting with buyer

❷Notes from Buyer
Followings are points from meeting with buyers.

①Extension of shelf life (Most of products shelf life is too short)
②Required to get FSSC 22000 as international standard of food safety.
③Localized label for products
No on understand what is described on package because there is only Japanese, so need to use Germany or English at least.
④Demand of Halal products. There are many buyers from Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia.

❸Other notes
There are stand out logo at venue such as NON-GMO, and Organic.
The most surprising things was CANNABIS (MARIJUANA) and CBD (CANNABINOIDS which is used part of things from CANNABIS) are exhibited as normal. Buying and selling it were prohibited, but possession of cannabis is considered it is O.K among people (Actually, it is also illegal though).

Medical use of cannabis is allowed. Movement legalize of using Cannabis is progressing in the world especially after legalized it in the U.S, but It is illegal to bring it in Japan.

It was the second time to participate in exhibition in Europe. Venue was held in the Cologne city and it’s the world’s largest trade fair only for sweets and snack, and there are 6 halls were used for show. Exhibition was held in Koelnmesse, so many exhibitors joined from many countries. Transportation to Koelnmesse is normally used by train from Dusseldorf City and Cologne city. Germany railway network is amazing, but need to understand there is complicated discount system for buying ticket, and also train doesn’t arrive on time.

There are many buyers from all over the world. Of course customers are from Germany, and It was first time to had conversation with buyers from Russia, Belarus, Eastern European countries such as Hungary or Estonian Baltic countries, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia, and we could know those buyers are interested in Japanese confectionery.
Most of buyers from U.S didn’t participate to exhibition due to coronavirus (COVID-19), and also Chinese exhibitors cancelled for exhibit. 30㎡ area was set up as standard booth size, and there are lot of spaces even shared by 5 companies.

Japanese-local trading company and buyer from shop also came to our booth, and we were able to have big expectation for market development through business meeting.

We participated the exhibition as supporting business from MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries). We will keep working on market development of delicious and safety Japanese confectionery as association of JAPAN TACOM.