Business report regarding PR activity at Eddie World in the US.

Japanese Sweets Promotion
November 29th(Sun) , 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, exhibitions in the US were canceled. Besides, it was very difficult to do PR activity at supermarkets. However, we could do PR activity at a confectionary specialty shop called Eddie World located in Los Angels suburbs.

We did PR activity called Japanese Sweets Promotion on 29th in November, Thanksgiving Holiday. Eddie World is located halfway point between Los Angels and Las Vegas, two hours by car from Los Angels. They are selling candies. Majority of visitors to Las Vegas come from Los Angels overwhelmingly. Their main transportation is by car. It takes 4 and a half hours. Lots of such visitors drop at Eddie World, especially outward journey to Las Vegas. We call such place a roadside station, Michinoeki in Japanese.

There are sometimes over 1,000 guests per day who include lots of children.

When we made a sample on that day, all of demonstration staff had to wear face guard and mask in order to avoid infection to others. In case normal situation, we recommend guests to taste sample then and there. However, under the coronavirus pandemic, local health department in the city and Eddie World instructed us for prevention of coronavirus infection not to recommend tasting to the guests then and there. They also instructed us to distribute non-opened individual package only when we distribute sample to the guests. Then we did so under instructions. In addition, it was prohibited to distribute sample to the guests by hand over. We, therefore, distributed sample that the guests took it which we put free sample in a basket. After taking sample by each guest, we needed a favor to him or her that tasting of sample was available outside only.

Most of the guests had no experience to try tasting made in Japan confectionaries but they were quite interested in them surely.

We prepared three kinds of samples, such as Hello Kitty Marshmallow, Mochi Candy and Kabukiage.
First of all, we prepared sample of Hello Kitty Marshmallow. This is sold regularly so that we did not need description of this products to the guests. It was pleasure that their response was delicious.

Secondly, we prepared sample of Mochi Candy. This has been launched since this year. Many guests already know the meaning of Mochi because of high recognition degree of Mochi Ice Cream. They took sample with pleasure. By the way, this is wrapped by edible paper. The word of [Clear edible inner wrapper] has been printed on the label. Some of guests, unfortunately, returned the sample due to a sense of discomfort. It might be our assignment in the future regarding improvement of edible paper.

Thirdly, we prepared Kabuki-age. We served sample as Rice Cracker. When we served it to the guests, many guests asked us in advance whether this is made by non-fried process or fried one. This is made by fried one so that 40 % of the guests did not take sample after confirming the process. Not only this item but also potato chips, people in the US hesitate to eat fried process products in fact. The products with printed NO FRY is popular among them who are surely sensitive fried process products due to case of obesity as potential risk. In addition, they also hesitated it which is included mono sodium glutamate, so called MSG. Except for Asian people, they widely recognize that MSG should NOT be ingested.

Last but not least, most of guests came back to us with delicious feeling after tasting sample outside.

They were eager to purchase these products which we did PR activity. They were eager to get information where they are able to get these items at supermarket, for example in Los Angels. We were very pleased to suggest them the place politely where they are able to purchase item at nearest shop after recognizing location they are living now.

Inside the store

PR activity