CAMBODIAN & IMPORT-EXPORT Goods Exhibition 2019
December 15th (Sun) – 18th (Wed), 2019

Numbers of exhibitor: 300
Numbers of attendees: 11,000

Total 2 companies exhibits from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery
Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)
Exhibitor: SUZUKI EIKODO, and EIWA

Exhibition Hall

2.General Information
JAPAN TACOM exhibited in two members mentioned above in CAMBODIA Import Export One Province One Product Exhibition 2019 (as follows “exhibition in Cambodia”).Carry out the participation in this exhibition as MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) supporting business and we have supported by MAFF.
Attend to this exhibition is consecutively 4th times from 2016 as JAPAN TACOM.

The venue is in DAIAMOND ISLAND which is reclaimed land, and the place is near AEON MAL first shop. There is construction rushes to make an apartment for Chinese and a store, area of restaurant, but we feel that 80% of town has been already completed.

In the case of the shopping to AEON Mall, people avoided vehicles for building construction of the infrastructure maintenance and moved until last year, but maintenance was almost complete in this year.
In the transportation network in the Cambodian city for the basic movement, it is still in taxis because the situation of traffic infrastructure such as buses is not ready yet.

The impression of the town of Cambodia accomplishes rapid development in these several years. Huge shopping mall AEON just opened when we visited Cambodia for the first time in the inside where a field spreads out at the time of in five years ago, but there are many buildings was constructed now. Road was rough condition until last year, but it was pavedneatly now, and the Chinese emigration seems to advance and Casinos also opened, and they were very lively into the night.Apartment construction advances everywhere in the city by China capital, and it was built for China. Exhibition was completed safely, and report is followings.

3.Situation of exhibition
❶Preparation day (December 14th)
We got badge, carried samples to venue, and finished booth layout on preparations day. TACOM acquired exhibition booth originally and exhibited because JETRO booths was limited only around 10 companies this year. Application was so difficult, but could rent for 2 booths, and there was no problem of equipment for set up.

❷During exhibition (December 15th – 18th)

<Prime Minister Visit>
Prime Minister HUN SEN came to see exhibition on the first day.
There is an opening ceremony until last year and secured the place of ceremony, but there is not enough spaces because number of the exhibitor from China was increased, so it seems to change to visit. Security precaution was severe, and many police officers were placed in the hall.

❶Business meeting

We had business meeting with local buyers of Cambodia, and other buyers also came from China, Vietnam, and Thailand, and they had interested in products.

❷Opinions from buyers

  • Adaptation of raw material regulation for Vietnam, Thailand, and China is necessary
  • Shelf life is too short
  • Reaction for Japanese product was extremely good.


  • Chinese company occupies the number of 1/3 of the display venue, and it shows many immigrants moved to Cambodia. Impressed most of the exhibitors are trying to sell products to Chinese live in Cambodia, and target was not for local Cambodian.
  • Aim of many apartments are constructed in Phnom Penh City now are selling for Chinese. Many Chinese took sales tour last year, and airport and hotel were very crowded last year, and seems many of Chinese settled to live in Cambodia now. According to tour guide, there is expectation that 3 million people will move to Cambodia from China in the future.

Cambodia is strong influence of Vietnam and China from the historic background. Most of farm products circulating in the Phnom Penh city have more vegetables from Vietnam than a product in Cambodia, and road maintenance goes ahead through the domestic infrastructure by loan from China.
According to tour guide, 300,000 people will move to Cambodia from China by 2020, and big market will be born if the purchasing layer by the Chinese is formed.

Many countries like China, South Korea, Thailand and other countries advance to go into market soon, and the commercial distribution will be form soon, so it’s considered market development will be important.
The economic growth rate grows up about GDP 7 % in these several years, and income of the nation increases surely.
Japanese Confectionery is a little expensive for current situation to the citizen in Cambodia now, but the middle class people who can purchase will be increase soon.

It became great property for JAPAN TACOM such a business support by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries this time. We would like to maintain to sell Japanese confectionery products with confidence, reliable, safety quality for people in Cambodia.