December 5th (Tue) – 11th (Mon), 2019
Total 6 companies participated from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery
Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)
(10 people from 6 companies joined):

2.Promotional business activity
JAPAN TACOM held Japan Night in Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium of the Major League in July, 2019 as the first stage of the Los Angeles promotion business by the revised budget of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of 2018.
The promotion for 40,000 visitors was great reaction and response was extremely good.

TACOM was planning the next business based on the result of the reaction in Dodgers Stadium event, and one of SIXFLAGS director gave us offer of the promotion and planned it this time as there was compromise for the amount of budget. Asked transportation of 6 companies sample to Sumitomo Warehouse which asked for transportation in the case of promotion business in Dodgers Stadium before. The sample of each product is accumulated by November 15 by warehouse in Narita Airport of Sumitomo Warehouse, and replaced it over again for packing and transported it by air, and moved to warehouse of Sumitomo Warehouse of Los Angeles. Translated label was attached to product package, so no issue for clearance at custom, and reached it to the warehouse in November.

Wrapped products on tray to prevent collapse

3.Sorting sampling products on December 5th
We had not much time, so had to do sorting work on arrival date when we had jet lag. We are going to use the samples for promotion of Six flag, and event at MLB (Major league baseball) next spring, and promotion event for supermarket.

Shipped total 270 cartons (about 40,000 pieces) and sorted as follows.

①Event at SIX FLAGS 190 cartons (about 28,000pcs) for 3 days
②Event at MLB 80 cartons (about 12,000pcs) for next spring

4.Preparation for event at SIX FLAG / MAGIC MOUNTAIN
❶Day of loading (December 6th)
Event day will be during weekend, and warehouse will be closed, so started to load products in advance. 70 cartons (half numbers of amount use for 1 day) for viechles, and carried rest of half samples to office of EIWA AMERICA which located in next to SUMITOMO warehouse.

Put Samples of 2 day to office of EIWA AMERICA

❷Day 1 (December 7th)
We had pre-meeting of event, and re-confirm to set up tent and other things.
Checked final confirmation for event because of the rain forecast, and departed to event place at 12:00.

It was light rain, but I pitched a tent with facilities in charge staff and prepared it.

Decided to cancel if it change to heavy rain, and confirmed to do it another day when it is sunny.

It was light rain, so people didn’t care about it and keep coming to the park.
We did sampling to customers about 2 hours, but stopped it due to heavy rain.

We carried rest of samples to warehouse of Magic Mountain, and finished first day of sampling. Numbers of visitors were about 15,000 due to rainy day.

❸Day 2 (December 8th)
We were announced from Jeff about cancellation of event because of rain, and thunderstorm forecast. We carried samples to the facilities’ warehouse.

Changed sampling plan to next Sunday, and Mr. Tome from EIWA AMERICA and Jeff from SIX FLAG and other staff will help to do that.

We planned event at famous theme park SIX FLAGS, but unfortunately we couldn’t do it as scheduled because of rain, and especially L.A has little rain in year.
We could know good response and opinion from the consumers from 1st day, so we are going to make plan for distributing Japanese confectionery products mainly in L.A and also in the other area in the U.S.

We would like to appreciate all for SIX FLAG / MAGIC MOUNTAIN to make us new chance and challenge of Japanese Confectionery.