Exhibition in Sydney, Australia

September 10th (Sat) – 13rd (Tue), 2019

Total 6 companies exhibits from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery
Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)
Exhibitor (10 people from 6 Companies joined):

Participation in exhibition is supported by MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) for new market development.

Exhibition Hall

2.General Information
Participation to FINE FOOD exhibition was the second secondary to last year as JAPAN TACOM. Last year was in Melbourne and this year was held in Sydney.
I was very strict with a carry-on of the food from the foreign countries by travelers at airports in Australia, and there was the booth which baggage was stopped at the customs in several exhibitors in the exhibition, and could not display a sample.
There is the carry-on regulation and strict for raw product, meat, and fruits.
There was no problem for samples of JAPAN TACOM at customs.

Entrance fee was high about the application for exhibition, so it was not able to ask the Japanese agency for payment, so had to submit so many papers for applications.
Exhibition hall was secured well, but there was many Asians in Sydney, so it was a little bit different situation and circumstance compared exhibition in Melbourne.

Hand carried poster, and catalog.

We worried about lot of baggage at the customs, but we could pass without any problem after explained to custom inspector that it was the equipment for the exhibition.

Following are report of exhibition.

3.Situation of exhibition
❶Preparation day(September 9th)
The setting of the booth was not done in Melbourne last year, but it was finished setting in Sydney, and received badge smoothly.

TACOM booth location was on 1F floor and near elevator.

・Started setting with yellow vest under instruction
・Rule for waring the yellow vest during preparation, and get warning without it.

Set up booth with poster, and setting samples for next day.

❷During exhibition period(September 10th – 13rd)
Shared notes with members and finished briefing and ready for show.

<Situation during show>

<Meeting with customers>

Meeting with Australian trading company

❶Difficulties of custom clearance
Australia has a very strict rule in carry-on of the food from the foreign countries, and checked at airport custom. There are some exhibitors without samples for exhibition due to products are not allowed to carry in.

❷Taste preference
There are many products flavor with Pizza, and Cheese.
Pizza was so popular and contest was held in exhibition.

❸Chinese population
Surprised that population in Sydney was 4 million, and 1 million people were Chinese, and realized when we saw big Chinatown in city. There is information many Chinese students also lived in the city and seems more than actual registered numbers of resident, and Chinese people presence is large.
There are also chance to expand Japanese confectionery products through them.

❹Requirement from organizer

①Need to register to City of Sydney, and prepare certificate, and need to finalize check by city officer (actually, there was nobody to check though)
②Need to apply for additional insurance at exhibition except oversea PL insurance.
③Need to prepare hands washing goods (exemption for individually packed product)

It was the 2nd times for exhibition in Australia, so it was able to proceed application of exhibition compared last year we faced on difficulties like declaration at custom.
We also did advanced notification to customers, so could adjust schedule for meeting and could introduced products with samples properly.

Realized population of Chinese are large, and there is much potential to increase numbers of export and expand business chance.

It is this exhibition that TPP11 takes effect, and Australia is more likely to develop into the in future attractive market, and the exhibition that felt a certain response this year unlike the last year we were searching for opportunities with exploring.