June 23rd(Sun) – June 25th(Tue), 2019
Jacob K.Javits Convention Center, New York

Numbers of exhibitor: 2,600 from 54 Countries
Numbers of attendees: 48,000

Total 4 companies exhibits from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)
Exhibitor (6 people from 4 Companies participated): EIWA, GINBIS, AMANOYA, and TIVOLI

Exhibition Hall
It is convenience place near Times Square in New York City

2.General Information
As JAPAN TACOM, 4 members of above companies exhibited to Summer Fancy Food Show 2019 New York (as follows “SFFS”).
Participate in big exhibition which has influence to worldwide as subsidized project of MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) and have powerful support by MAFF.
This is the fifth time to join to this exhibition as JAPAN TACOM from 2015.We have meaningful business talk every time, and it’s the chance to know trend in recent in the world, and can confirm what kind of raw material importing regulation was paid attention by buyers through the exhibition of the world’s largest scale.
In this exhibition, only a buyer becomes the participation, and only a person concerned with industries such as a retailer, food service, a sales agent, importer and distributor can enter it to protect the purpose, so entrance fee on the date was set up to $95 for minimizing public consumers.

Location is within walking distance from Times Square, so access is very good and convenient to attract buyer.
Exhibition was completed without any delay and problem from exhibition preparation to the end.
Followings are the situation of the exhibition and views.

3.Situation of exhibition
❶Preparation day(June 22nd)
For exhibition preparations, we entered the venue at around 11:00 am.
There is always some trouble to receive badge for enter, so it took a bit time, but could set up booth.

There is instruction that exhibitor can carry in showpiece products only from the elevator.

UNION is in charge of the conveyance of materials in an exhibition, and the role and rule are very strong in the United States.

Air conditioner was set, so we did not have to worry that a product melted by heat like Southeast Asia. We did facilities checks such as a chair, the table and confirmed layout of poster, product, and brochure.

<Booth location>
Booth area is on the first floor, and set up 2 booth near central entrance.
We could get great position which is located in central of exhibition hall, and it’s the benefit that we kept join to exhibition for several times. There is no chance to get good location without repeating member. Exhibition management staff came to say hello during setting booth.

The equipment applied in advance was set up without a problem, so we were able to perform booth preparations smoothly. Each poster of the exhibitor is the thing which it is made of cloth and hung with S-shaped hook through a pole in the upper part.
Each exhibitor decorated the display shelf and made booth individually for exhibit own product nicely.

Exhibition was held in the developed country, and the crime prevention of the venue and the guard situation were perfect, and we didn’t have to worry about the product theft in the exhibition, but we put tape for intrusion prevention to booth just to make sure and finished preparations.

❷During exhibition period(June 23rd – 25th)10:00~17:00
※Last Day: 10:00~16:00

We enter to hall and confirm booth by 8:30 during exhibition.
We started to prepare samples for customer and did briefing, last preparation, recheck precautions and started shows for 3 days.

Scenery of entrance scenery at 9:45 before show for first day begin. Temperature was 29 degrees, and it was a hot day with strong sunlight.

Many people like above photo were lined up to reception to get badge of entry.
It was the specialized fancy food show is one of largest exhibition of food & drink products in the United States and it was impressed the exhibition attracting high attention.

<Sampling, and business talk activity>

<Sampling at booth>

4.Trends that a buyer minds
Particular word popped up through communication with buyers were “Gluten Free”, “Halal Food” and “Organic”. These words were trends for several years, but exhibitor was let people feel and emphasized it, and the flow of the United States and the European market moved mainly on the word mentioned above which appealed totally in a display booth this year. In addition, we might often see the word “Fair Trade”.

The implication of these words is wide, and it means that ① It is not the thing which laundered the funds such as crimes, ②The worker does not hire employees as extreme low wage, slave, the low age group. In late years the reliable company which has legal compliance attracts people’s attention. The situation in demand is not only from the quality of product itself but also good points such as constitution and the regime as the brand is spreading.

Number of visitors were slightly increased than last year for the exhibition period, and feel that each company was able to promote Japanese confectionery products well with blessed weather. JAPAN TACOM exhibited in a booth of JETRO last two years, but TACOM exhibit in our self from last year and also this year. JAPAN TACOM secured 2 sections for booth this year as well as the last season and participated in the exhibition.
This is the exhibition that is keenly aware of growth of the specialty food industry and it makes opportunity to know trend of the world meal. According to one of media man who came to booth, even lot of visitors from the major media finished the prior registration lined up in PRESS room for approximately 30 minutes to receive the pass for entry.

In such a large scale exhibitions, it was a chance to have visitors be interested in a Japanese confectionery by 4 participated companies had tried it and thinks good products, so it was good to have increased the number of the sampling than last year.

Exhibitor discovered a lot of hints, mission, and tasks from reaction of the customer through company’s promotion and sampling, and achieved planned business talk with buyer, and the distribution of the sampling.

Finally, we would like to express our deep appreciation to Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) for big support, and we make sure to clear subjects and expand oversea market.