Business meeting in Vietnam 2019

Business meeting in Vietnam
July 15th (Mon) – 20th (Sat), 2019


Total 7 participating companies from JAPAN TACOM (All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery Manufactures)

2.General Information
All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery Manufactures (follows as “JAPAN TACOM”) placed Vietnam as a promising country for expanding confectionery industries in market with TPP11 signatory, and planned this business meeting for export expansion.
7 companies participated in this business meeting from the member company and were a period of 6 days including movement from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. About Vietnam, it was the second times since we carried out a taste investigation as business of ex-Japan TACOM of the previous organization in Ho Chi Minh City as JAPAN TACOM in 2015.

Vietnam is a member nation of TPP11 and is a country of the seventh country which has been already applied from January 14, 2019. In addition, economic growth rate from 2015 through 2017was 6.5%, and economic growth rate of (2018) GDP growth rate became 7.1% last year.
The population is 93.7 million and it shows the country which will be promising in the future where many young generations support economic growth.
From such as point of view, we consider Vietnam is the one of the most promising and important country with the possibility of market reclamation for JAPAN TACOM. The reason that planned this business meeting is because we can greatly increase export by the acquisition such as new buyers and the reinforcement with the existing buyer of relationships.

This chance is being carried out as MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) supporting business and have big support in JAPAN TACOM which is active led by a medium and small-sized business companies.

❶Meeting in Hanoi on July 16th
①Preparation date was on July 15th

We made a promise to the person in charge at 13:00 of 15th and it was not still ready when we went the venue for checking and seemed to complete the setting the day before at 18:00, and finally settled setting for meeting around 20:00.

We realized it again if very difficult to deal with instruction to local staff.

Put tablecloth of the companies which was prepared for on each table, and asked to lock the venue from prevention of theft.

②Day of business meeting (July, 16th)
Planned meeting from 10:00 to 16:00, and the setting of each companies started from 9:00 and welcomed customer at each company’s original designed table.

<Table layout>

<State of meeting>
There were 3 companies with appointment, but 1 company was absent from bad condition. Less numbers of companies for meeting, but there was big result with selected local companies.

❷Meeting in Ho Chi Minh City
①Preparation date was on July 17th
Departed Hanoi on July 17th AM, and moved to Ho Chi Minh City, and started to set up venue around evening.

Venue was not ready at 13:00 as same as Hanoi, and completed cleaning and setting at 17:00. We were asked to set up tablecloth and other things in next morning to prevent from theft, and hotel staff said lock of venue was useless.

②Day of business meeting (July 18th)
Planned meeting from 10:00 to 16:00, and the setting of each companies started from 9:00 and welcomed customer at each company’s original designed table.

<Table layout>

<State of meeting>
There were supposed come 9 companies, but 1 company couldn’t to make it, so had meeting with 1 company in morning, and 8 companies for afternoon. All companies could spend great time for meeting, and became meaningful meeting.

4.Public Safety
In the case of the taste investigation four years ago, big problems such as passport lost by a fall accident (injury of the scratch) and the pickpocket by the snatching occurred during day time.
The snatching happened during shopping in the main street of the center of commerce of Ho Chi Minh City, and pickpocket was happening in department store when everyone was walking as ex-TACOM group during day time.

Criminal in Vietnam was frequency in those days, so had to pay more attention, but this incident made to loose motivation to start another plan in Vietnam.
There was no big incident this time, and considering the meeting result made chance to expand market in Vietnam. Public safety is still same as before, so paying attention is required.

It was the second business activity since the taste investigation in Vietnam 4 years ago. It took 4 years of restart activity because of incident happened through business trip.
Vietnam is TPP11 member nation, so the second year will be indicated for the reduction of taxes rate of the duty between Vietnam and Japan, and economy grows so fast in Vietnam, and Japanese things are popular and supporting by local people.
We achieved to make good meeting with new and existing buyers this time, and it prove each company was able to make good result.

Finally, we would like to appreciate buyers and everyone’s cooperation and support.