Dodger Stadium

Sampling activity at MLB Spring Camp

Sampling activity at MLB Spring Camp
March 6th(Fri) – 9th(Sun), 2020

Samples were carried out from Japan when we did sampling event at SIX FLAGS last December


February 2nd(Sun) – 5th(Wed), 2020
Koelnmesse (Germany)

Total 5 companies exhibits from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)


Walked from Koelnmesse station and entered in South Entrance

2.General Information
JAPAN TACOM exhibited ISM 2020 as members of 5 companies mentioned above. It was the first time for JAPAN TACOM to exhibit in ISM.
It’s also first time to exhibit in Cologne, Germany even as ex-TACOM through history for past 60 years. It was the first time to exhibit in Europe 2 years ago when we exhibit to SIAL Paris in France, and this is the second time to exhibit in EU. JAPAN TACOM is starting to expand market in EU now.

Aim of exhibit is developing European market and make new contract to increase sales, so we sent message to buyers in advance. We had meeting with customers who made appointment in schedule.

Due to price of hotel in the cologne city where an exhibition was carried out is too high, we stayed at hotel with reasonable price in the Dusseldorf city and moved by train every day to venue. We had plenty of time for movement, because the train doesn’t arrive on scheduled.

Armed police officer stood on each street corner with an automatic gun in the Paris city at the time of SIAL and felt it was not safety, but there is nothing like that in Germany, and felt it was comparatively safe.

Most of buyers from U.S didn’t participate to exhibition, because self-restraint made by President Trump in the U.S due to coronavirus (COVID-19) spread worldwide before the exhibition.
China always took much space in the big exhibition and emphasized presence, but many of Chinese exhibitor canceled under the influence of coronavirus this time just before the exhibition became the topic.

We finished trade shows without any accident. We exhibited ISM as supporting business from MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries), and report is followings.

3.Situation of exhibition
Confirmed venue on January 31st before member of JAPAN TACOM arrive, because of anxious about big venue and it was first time, but booths were set, and there are ordered table with equipment.

❶Preparation day (February 1st)
We took taxi and brought samples because it was rainy. Taxi driver knew location of our hall 5 even there many halls, so could easily to carry samples.

Start to set up poster, and prepared samples, catalog, and start to make each booth.

❷Exhibition (February 2nd – 5th)

Exhibited samples to confirm lay out of booth yesterday, but put it back to locker to prevent from theft, so set it up again before show.

<Situation of exhibition>

Finished show on last day February 5th.

4.Business meeting with buyers
❶Photo of meeting with buyer

❷Notes from Buyer
Followings are points from meeting with buyers.

①Extension of shelf life (Most of products shelf life is too short)
②Required to get FSSC 22000 as international standard of food safety.
③Localized label for products
No on understand what is described on package because there is only Japanese, so need to use Germany or English at least.
④Demand of Halal products. There are many buyers from Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia.

❸Other notes
There are stand out logo at venue such as NON-GMO, and Organic.
The most surprising things was CANNABIS (MARIJUANA) and CBD (CANNABINOIDS which is used part of things from CANNABIS) are exhibited as normal. Buying and selling it were prohibited, but possession of cannabis is considered it is O.K among people (Actually, it is also illegal though).

Medical use of cannabis is allowed. Movement legalize of using Cannabis is progressing in the world especially after legalized it in the U.S, but It is illegal to bring it in Japan.

It was the second time to participate in exhibition in Europe. Venue was held in the Cologne city and it’s the world’s largest trade fair only for sweets and snack, and there are 6 halls were used for show. Exhibition was held in Koelnmesse, so many exhibitors joined from many countries. Transportation to Koelnmesse is normally used by train from Dusseldorf City and Cologne city. Germany railway network is amazing, but need to understand there is complicated discount system for buying ticket, and also train doesn’t arrive on time.

There are many buyers from all over the world. Of course customers are from Germany, and It was first time to had conversation with buyers from Russia, Belarus, Eastern European countries such as Hungary or Estonian Baltic countries, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia, and we could know those buyers are interested in Japanese confectionery.
Most of buyers from U.S didn’t participate to exhibition due to coronavirus (COVID-19), and also Chinese exhibitors cancelled for exhibit. 30㎡ area was set up as standard booth size, and there are lot of spaces even shared by 5 companies.

Japanese-local trading company and buyer from shop also came to our booth, and we were able to have big expectation for market development through business meeting.

We participated the exhibition as supporting business from MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries). We will keep working on market development of delicious and safety Japanese confectionery as association of JAPAN TACOM.

Winter Fancy Food Show 2020 in San Francisco

Winter Fancy Food Show 2020 in San Francisco (follows as WFFS)
January 19th(Sun) – 21st(Tue), 2020
Moscone Convention Center, SanFrancisco

Total 5 companies exhibits from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)


South Hall which has Japan Pavilion on basement, and there is elevator to main entrance.
Moscone convention center was rebuild 2 years ago, and it’s very clean.

<Japan Pavilion>
Location of booth is in front of escalator, and was really good place.
Japanese design board were set up, and Japan Pavilion was easy to see from each places.

2.General Information
JAPAN TACOM continue to participate this exhibition for several years.
There was the time to secure booth by ourselves, but TACOM exhibit in JETRO booth in late years.
We got 3 booths from JETRO Japan pavilion booth and we were able to exhibit this year.
There are many problems to affect trans-fatty acid, partially hydrogenated oil and fat, and other raw materials regulation for food export business to the United States.
We must study and deal with regulation occurs year by year such inspection of FSMA of FDA. Market development to the American market is attractive and economy of the United States is steady and it also reflected to the stock prices.

TACOM focus on market development mainly in the West Coast of U.S, and considering we were able to expand and develop in Asian market of the West Coast.
It is the situation that we are repeating trial and error for market development from the Asian market to mainstream as next step.
All participants who planned it at first on preparations day came to venue on the day before the exhibition (January 18th) and was able to carry out the preparations smoothly, and completed exhibition without any big accident.

JAPAN TACOM participated to the exhibition as supporting business by MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries), and we have big support to develop new market in overseas. Followings are situation and report of WFFS.

(Lay out by roll type of hanging poster)
②TACOM Catalog 100 sets
③TACOM Character designed Shopping bags for samples

4.Situation of exhibition
❶Visitors during show
It was rainy on last day and less visitors, but there were many visitors during 1st and 2nd days with good weather.

❷Preparation day(January 18th)
There are problem of receiving badge even we are participated as association, and it’s happening every time every year. EIWA America helped to get badge.

We definitely want to ask organizer for improvement of the problem of badge every time, and there are some exhibitor which has booth at Japan Pavilion couldn’t get it for long time, and asked help to solve the problem to JETRO.

❸During exhibition period(January 19th – 21st)

There is big change every year when we exhibit in San Francisco, and feel thing is
changing fast every year.

①One of the member of company made English package with design for American market, and numbers of buyer who stopped was increased and also had more chance for meeting. All buyer said product with 1 year shelf life is necessary to get into mainstream market.

②JETRO brought us buyer of COST PLUS. There are less chance to talk with buyer of mainstream store, and it was big opportunity for JAPAN TACOM.

③Moscone center north hall is mainly for domestic market, and most of exhibitors are local American companies. There were many wine and liquor companies last year, but decreased almost half of numbers this year, and changed to Cheese company. There are many Cheese company in European sections too.

④According to the news, economic in the U.S is doing well, and it seems reflect to sales of retail stores. There are many customers at department stores for bargain sales.

We had many customers from first day, and could have good business meeting with many customers. Location of Japan Pavilion was near elevator, so it also made us chance to meet with many visitors.
We also had great meeting with buyer who were introduced by JETRO. We also would like to inform more good buyers about exhibition in advance for having meeting with each company.

One of the company which is member of JAPAN TACOM also made English package which is suitable for market in the U.S, and many American buyers stopped by booth compared last year.
Recognized English package product attract more customers compared product package only with Japanese.

We will try to make good relationship with buyers who came to our booth this time, and hope to start business.

In the End, We would like to appreciate JETRO to made us chance for exhibition and their effort, and we are going to develop more new market in the world for delicious and safety Japanese confectionery.


December 18th(Wed) – 19th(Thu), 2019
TOKYO International Forum (near JR YURAKUCHO Station)

Numbers of attendees: over 10,000

2.General Information
By Tokyo federation of small business association (follow as TOKYO FSBA) sponsorship, Union festival was held for association advertising of small-medium business in the venue of the Tokyo forum at Yurakucho and it was third year this year.
The exhibition fee is basically managed by supporting business with FSBA through Tokyo. (Number of visitors are over 10,000 for 2 days)

We got call the even there was a relationship from the old association ex-TACOM changed to new association JAPAN TACOM, and we exhibited it at this time, and we could inform visitors, popularity of safety and delicious Japanese Confectionery in oversea, and types of confectionery for each exported country.
Booth is basically lay out with basic equipment with floor carpet, so fee is affordable.

3.Preparation of association festival
❶Booth lay out

Procedure of preparation is same as usual. Right side of booth is from pickles store Prepared by TACOM office and support members from TACOM

❷During Festival

❸Supporting member
Carry out sampling and advertising by supporting members

Many visitors came to our booth, and it was great success.
We had many questions from customer ‘oh, Are Japanese confectionery also exported to oversea?’ and we explained popularity of Japanese sweets, and brand power of made in Japan.
We realized need to send and spread more information that numbers of export of Japanese confectionery is increasing, and it’s popular in all over the world.

We had great opportunity to inform many people that we are exporting safety and delicious confectionery to the world through the festival.


CAMBODIAN & IMPORT-EXPORT Goods Exhibition 2019
December 15th (Sun) – 18th (Wed), 2019

Numbers of exhibitor: 300
Numbers of attendees: 11,000

Total 2 companies exhibits from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery
Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)
Exhibitor: SUZUKI EIKODO, and EIWA

Exhibition Hall

2.General Information
JAPAN TACOM exhibited in two members mentioned above in CAMBODIA Import Export One Province One Product Exhibition 2019 (as follows “exhibition in Cambodia”).Carry out the participation in this exhibition as MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) supporting business and we have supported by MAFF.
Attend to this exhibition is consecutively 4th times from 2016 as JAPAN TACOM.

The venue is in DAIAMOND ISLAND which is reclaimed land, and the place is near AEON MAL first shop. There is construction rushes to make an apartment for Chinese and a store, area of restaurant, but we feel that 80% of town has been already completed.

In the case of the shopping to AEON Mall, people avoided vehicles for building construction of the infrastructure maintenance and moved until last year, but maintenance was almost complete in this year.
In the transportation network in the Cambodian city for the basic movement, it is still in taxis because the situation of traffic infrastructure such as buses is not ready yet.

The impression of the town of Cambodia accomplishes rapid development in these several years. Huge shopping mall AEON just opened when we visited Cambodia for the first time in the inside where a field spreads out at the time of in five years ago, but there are many buildings was constructed now. Road was rough condition until last year, but it was pavedneatly now, and the Chinese emigration seems to advance and Casinos also opened, and they were very lively into the night.Apartment construction advances everywhere in the city by China capital, and it was built for China. Exhibition was completed safely, and report is followings.

3.Situation of exhibition
❶Preparation day (December 14th)
We got badge, carried samples to venue, and finished booth layout on preparations day. TACOM acquired exhibition booth originally and exhibited because JETRO booths was limited only around 10 companies this year. Application was so difficult, but could rent for 2 booths, and there was no problem of equipment for set up.

❷During exhibition (December 15th – 18th)

<Prime Minister Visit>
Prime Minister HUN SEN came to see exhibition on the first day.
There is an opening ceremony until last year and secured the place of ceremony, but there is not enough spaces because number of the exhibitor from China was increased, so it seems to change to visit. Security precaution was severe, and many police officers were placed in the hall.

❶Business meeting

We had business meeting with local buyers of Cambodia, and other buyers also came from China, Vietnam, and Thailand, and they had interested in products.

❷Opinions from buyers

  • Adaptation of raw material regulation for Vietnam, Thailand, and China is necessary
  • Shelf life is too short
  • Reaction for Japanese product was extremely good.


  • Chinese company occupies the number of 1/3 of the display venue, and it shows many immigrants moved to Cambodia. Impressed most of the exhibitors are trying to sell products to Chinese live in Cambodia, and target was not for local Cambodian.
  • Aim of many apartments are constructed in Phnom Penh City now are selling for Chinese. Many Chinese took sales tour last year, and airport and hotel were very crowded last year, and seems many of Chinese settled to live in Cambodia now. According to tour guide, there is expectation that 3 million people will move to Cambodia from China in the future.

Cambodia is strong influence of Vietnam and China from the historic background. Most of farm products circulating in the Phnom Penh city have more vegetables from Vietnam than a product in Cambodia, and road maintenance goes ahead through the domestic infrastructure by loan from China.
According to tour guide, 300,000 people will move to Cambodia from China by 2020, and big market will be born if the purchasing layer by the Chinese is formed.

Many countries like China, South Korea, Thailand and other countries advance to go into market soon, and the commercial distribution will be form soon, so it’s considered market development will be important.
The economic growth rate grows up about GDP 7 % in these several years, and income of the nation increases surely.
Japanese Confectionery is a little expensive for current situation to the citizen in Cambodia now, but the middle class people who can purchase will be increase soon.

It became great property for JAPAN TACOM such a business support by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries this time. We would like to maintain to sell Japanese confectionery products with confidence, reliable, safety quality for people in Cambodia.


December 5th (Tue) – 11th (Mon), 2019
Total 6 companies participated from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery
Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)
(10 people from 6 companies joined):

2.Promotional business activity
JAPAN TACOM held Japan Night in Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium of the Major League in July, 2019 as the first stage of the Los Angeles promotion business by the revised budget of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of 2018.
The promotion for 40,000 visitors was great reaction and response was extremely good.

TACOM was planning the next business based on the result of the reaction in Dodgers Stadium event, and one of SIXFLAGS director gave us offer of the promotion and planned it this time as there was compromise for the amount of budget. Asked transportation of 6 companies sample to Sumitomo Warehouse which asked for transportation in the case of promotion business in Dodgers Stadium before. The sample of each product is accumulated by November 15 by warehouse in Narita Airport of Sumitomo Warehouse, and replaced it over again for packing and transported it by air, and moved to warehouse of Sumitomo Warehouse of Los Angeles. Translated label was attached to product package, so no issue for clearance at custom, and reached it to the warehouse in November.

Wrapped products on tray to prevent collapse

3.Sorting sampling products on December 5th
We had not much time, so had to do sorting work on arrival date when we had jet lag. We are going to use the samples for promotion of Six flag, and event at MLB (Major league baseball) next spring, and promotion event for supermarket.

Shipped total 270 cartons (about 40,000 pieces) and sorted as follows.

①Event at SIX FLAGS 190 cartons (about 28,000pcs) for 3 days
②Event at MLB 80 cartons (about 12,000pcs) for next spring

4.Preparation for event at SIX FLAG / MAGIC MOUNTAIN
❶Day of loading (December 6th)
Event day will be during weekend, and warehouse will be closed, so started to load products in advance. 70 cartons (half numbers of amount use for 1 day) for viechles, and carried rest of half samples to office of EIWA AMERICA which located in next to SUMITOMO warehouse.

Put Samples of 2 day to office of EIWA AMERICA

❷Day 1 (December 7th)
We had pre-meeting of event, and re-confirm to set up tent and other things.
Checked final confirmation for event because of the rain forecast, and departed to event place at 12:00.

It was light rain, but I pitched a tent with facilities in charge staff and prepared it.

Decided to cancel if it change to heavy rain, and confirmed to do it another day when it is sunny.


It was light rain, so people didn’t care about it and keep coming to the park.
We did sampling to customers about 2 hours, but stopped it due to heavy rain.

We carried rest of samples to warehouse of Magic Mountain, and finished first day of sampling. Numbers of visitors were about 15,000 due to rainy day.

❸Day 2 (December 8th)
We were announced from Jeff about cancellation of event because of rain, and thunderstorm forecast. We carried samples to the facilities’ warehouse.

Changed sampling plan to next Sunday, and Mr. Tome from EIWA AMERICA and Jeff from SIX FLAG and other staff will help to do that.

We planned event at famous theme park SIX FLAGS, but unfortunately we couldn’t do it as scheduled because of rain, and especially L.A has little rain in year.
We could know good response and opinion from the consumers from 1st day, so we are going to make plan for distributing Japanese confectionery products mainly in L.A and also in the other area in the U.S.

We would like to appreciate all for SIX FLAG / MAGIC MOUNTAIN to make us new chance and challenge of Japanese Confectionery.

Exhibition in Sydney, Australia

September 10th (Sat) – 13rd (Tue), 2019

Total 6 companies exhibits from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery
Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)
Exhibitor (10 people from 6 Companies joined):

Participation in exhibition is supported by MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) for new market development.

Exhibition Hall

2.General Information
Participation to FINE FOOD exhibition was the second secondary to last year as JAPAN TACOM. Last year was in Melbourne and this year was held in Sydney.
I was very strict with a carry-on of the food from the foreign countries by travelers at airports in Australia, and there was the booth which baggage was stopped at the customs in several exhibitors in the exhibition, and could not display a sample.
There is the carry-on regulation and strict for raw product, meat, and fruits.
There was no problem for samples of JAPAN TACOM at customs.

Entrance fee was high about the application for exhibition, so it was not able to ask the Japanese agency for payment, so had to submit so many papers for applications.
Exhibition hall was secured well, but there was many Asians in Sydney, so it was a little bit different situation and circumstance compared exhibition in Melbourne.

Hand carried poster, and catalog.

We worried about lot of baggage at the customs, but we could pass without any problem after explained to custom inspector that it was the equipment for the exhibition.

Following are report of exhibition.

3.Situation of exhibition
❶Preparation day(September 9th)
The setting of the booth was not done in Melbourne last year, but it was finished setting in Sydney, and received badge smoothly.

TACOM booth location was on 1F floor and near elevator.

・Started setting with yellow vest under instruction
・Rule for waring the yellow vest during preparation, and get warning without it.

Set up booth with poster, and setting samples for next day.

❷During exhibition period(September 10th – 13rd)
Shared notes with members and finished briefing and ready for show.

<Situation during show>

<Meeting with customers>

Meeting with Australian trading company

❶Difficulties of custom clearance
Australia has a very strict rule in carry-on of the food from the foreign countries, and checked at airport custom. There are some exhibitors without samples for exhibition due to products are not allowed to carry in.

❷Taste preference
There are many products flavor with Pizza, and Cheese.
Pizza was so popular and contest was held in exhibition.

❸Chinese population
Surprised that population in Sydney was 4 million, and 1 million people were Chinese, and realized when we saw big Chinatown in city. There is information many Chinese students also lived in the city and seems more than actual registered numbers of resident, and Chinese people presence is large.
There are also chance to expand Japanese confectionery products through them.

❹Requirement from organizer

①Need to register to City of Sydney, and prepare certificate, and need to finalize check by city officer (actually, there was nobody to check though)
②Need to apply for additional insurance at exhibition except oversea PL insurance.
③Need to prepare hands washing goods (exemption for individually packed product)

It was the 2nd times for exhibition in Australia, so it was able to proceed application of exhibition compared last year we faced on difficulties like declaration at custom.
We also did advanced notification to customers, so could adjust schedule for meeting and could introduced products with samples properly.

Realized population of Chinese are large, and there is much potential to increase numbers of export and expand business chance.

It is this exhibition that TPP11 takes effect, and Australia is more likely to develop into the in future attractive market, and the exhibition that felt a certain response this year unlike the last year we were searching for opportunities with exploring.

Business meeting in Vietnam 2019

Business meeting in Vietnam
July 15th (Mon) – 20th (Sat), 2019


Total 7 participating companies from JAPAN TACOM (All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery Manufactures)

2.General Information
All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery Manufactures (follows as “JAPAN TACOM”) placed Vietnam as a promising country for expanding confectionery industries in market with TPP11 signatory, and planned this business meeting for export expansion.
7 companies participated in this business meeting from the member company and were a period of 6 days including movement from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. About Vietnam, it was the second times since we carried out a taste investigation as business of ex-Japan TACOM of the previous organization in Ho Chi Minh City as JAPAN TACOM in 2015.

Vietnam is a member nation of TPP11 and is a country of the seventh country which has been already applied from January 14, 2019. In addition, economic growth rate from 2015 through 2017was 6.5%, and economic growth rate of (2018) GDP growth rate became 7.1% last year.
The population is 93.7 million and it shows the country which will be promising in the future where many young generations support economic growth.
From such as point of view, we consider Vietnam is the one of the most promising and important country with the possibility of market reclamation for JAPAN TACOM. The reason that planned this business meeting is because we can greatly increase export by the acquisition such as new buyers and the reinforcement with the existing buyer of relationships.

This chance is being carried out as MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) supporting business and have big support in JAPAN TACOM which is active led by a medium and small-sized business companies.

❶Meeting in Hanoi on July 16th
①Preparation date was on July 15th

We made a promise to the person in charge at 13:00 of 15th and it was not still ready when we went the venue for checking and seemed to complete the setting the day before at 18:00, and finally settled setting for meeting around 20:00.

We realized it again if very difficult to deal with instruction to local staff.

Put tablecloth of the companies which was prepared for on each table, and asked to lock the venue from prevention of theft.

②Day of business meeting (July, 16th)
Planned meeting from 10:00 to 16:00, and the setting of each companies started from 9:00 and welcomed customer at each company’s original designed table.

<Table layout>

<State of meeting>
There were 3 companies with appointment, but 1 company was absent from bad condition. Less numbers of companies for meeting, but there was big result with selected local companies.

❷Meeting in Ho Chi Minh City
①Preparation date was on July 17th
Departed Hanoi on July 17th AM, and moved to Ho Chi Minh City, and started to set up venue around evening.

Venue was not ready at 13:00 as same as Hanoi, and completed cleaning and setting at 17:00. We were asked to set up tablecloth and other things in next morning to prevent from theft, and hotel staff said lock of venue was useless.

②Day of business meeting (July 18th)
Planned meeting from 10:00 to 16:00, and the setting of each companies started from 9:00 and welcomed customer at each company’s original designed table.

<Table layout>

<State of meeting>
There were supposed come 9 companies, but 1 company couldn’t to make it, so had meeting with 1 company in morning, and 8 companies for afternoon. All companies could spend great time for meeting, and became meaningful meeting.

4.Public Safety
In the case of the taste investigation four years ago, big problems such as passport lost by a fall accident (injury of the scratch) and the pickpocket by the snatching occurred during day time.
The snatching happened during shopping in the main street of the center of commerce of Ho Chi Minh City, and pickpocket was happening in department store when everyone was walking as ex-TACOM group during day time.

Criminal in Vietnam was frequency in those days, so had to pay more attention, but this incident made to loose motivation to start another plan in Vietnam.
There was no big incident this time, and considering the meeting result made chance to expand market in Vietnam. Public safety is still same as before, so paying attention is required.

It was the second business activity since the taste investigation in Vietnam 4 years ago. It took 4 years of restart activity because of incident happened through business trip.
Vietnam is TPP11 member nation, so the second year will be indicated for the reduction of taxes rate of the duty between Vietnam and Japan, and economy grows so fast in Vietnam, and Japanese things are popular and supporting by local people.
We achieved to make good meeting with new and existing buyers this time, and it prove each company was able to make good result.

Finally, we would like to appreciate buyers and everyone’s cooperation and support.


June 19th(Wed) – 22nd(Sat), 2019
International Exhibition Center (adjacent to 101 world trade center building)

Numbers of exhibitor: 1,132
Numbers of attendees: 61,803 (Year 2017)

Total 11 companies exhibits from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)
(6 companies at JETRO booth, and 1 for JAPAN TACOM booth)

Exhibition Hall
Adjacent to subway

2.General Information
This is the firth times to exhibit to FOOD TAIPEI as JAPAN TACOM.
11 companies had 7 booths this year as same as TAHIFEX in May.
It gradually feels to establish to find a business partner in a big overseas exhibition, and developing new market. Taiwan does not have diplomatic relations with Japan, but it’s the one of the country/area with the largest amount of exports as JAPAN TACOM, and important.

In addition, Taiwan is known as extremely pro-Japan nation. It was the story that I heard from one of oversea resident office worker, and the half of the class of the elementary school children has been to Japan, and there was a trend to use money in Japan if they spent money for a trip. It is rare country/area in the world where confectionery products line up like Japan in the convenience store in the city.

There is larger export amount compared other countries, but there are more opinions seeking delicious confectionery from Japan in the market.
There is still potential of expansion of Taiwan market and increase number of export amount. Therefore, making effort to seek new buyers, and build strong relationship with existing buyer is important.

Followings are report of exhibition.

3.Situation of exhibition
❶Preparation day

Confirmed pre-ordered equipment and put poster and finished preparations.

❷During exhibition period(Jun 19th – 22nd)

<Situation of preparation>
The opening time for exhibitor was 9:00, and opening time for customer was from 10:00, so it became busy preparations. There was confusion because the display venue of the south hall did not change the opening time for exhibitor at 8:00 as normal. Furthermore, venue time for exhibitor was from 9:30 from the second day and was very busy. Completed exhibition preparations for sample display and held the morning briefing in JAPAN TACOM members, and TACOM reminded member for opening and closing time of show.

Especially, alerted about handling of a cell-phone and valuables chiefly because theft occurred in JETRO booth in the THAIFEX exhibition of May, so noticed to be careful not let customers into booth side.

<Inside of exhibition>

4.Customer’s reaction
❶We felt Taiwanese people awfully disliked being to be consider as Chinese of mainland China. The interpreter said that consciousness was strong and race is totally different from a Chinese of the mainland. In the case of a gate check at the time of the entrance in Taiwan, people lined up with good manner and entered unlike an exhibition of mainland China, Shanghai.

We gave away samples for general visitors on the last day. No worry to have sampling stolen without permission (People take samples without permission in exhibition in China) even if it’s on the display stand, so let people know doing give away samples from exhibitor.

It is same feeling what we felt at the time of exhibition of THAIFEX, and feels that a scale greatly grows up from exhibition only in the area to the exhibition to a global scale exhibition in the East Asia. Many buyers and exhibitors are from all over the world.

JAPAN TACOM participated in this exhibition for 3 consecutive years secondary to last year.
There is a great numbers of attendance of the customer of this exhibition, but it may not be all buyers, and there is much number of general visitors too. As the buyer of a major department store and supermarket came to see product at each company’s booth more than from last year, so it was able to perform an effective business talk, because JETRO supported to invite the major buyer to exhibition.

Customer was not only from Taiwan, and buyer also came from mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, and other countries, and could make chance to introduce regular and new products from each company.

We sincerely appreciate to MAFF (Ministry of agriculture, forestry and fishes) and JETRO (Japan external trade organization) for great supporting for exporting confectionery industries.