May 28th (Tue) – June 1st (Sat) 10:00 – 18:00, 2019
B to B (May 28th~31st) B to C (June 1st)
IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center

Organizers:Koelnmesse Gmbh
Numbers of exhibitor: 2,745 (Year 2018: 2,537)
Numbers of countries: 42 (Year 2018: 41)
Numbers of attendees: 67,136 (Year 2018: 62,039)
Numbers of Countries: 134 (Year 2018: 150)

Total 8 companies exhibits from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)
Exhibitor (13 people from 8 Companies participated): OGONTOH, NAKAJIMA TAISHODO, SENJAKUAME, CORIS, NOBEL, MARUKYO, GINBIS, and EIWA

IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center

2.General Information
TACOM exhibited in the exhibition (THAIFEX 2019) held in Impact exhibition & convention center suburbs of Bangkok, Thailand. It is exhibition of the five years continuation fifth in this year. In THAIFEX 2019 which Koelnmesse organize, the scale grows big the 15th year by year at this time, and it is considered it grew up in one of the big food exhibitions in worldwide.

It was only numbers of exhibitor settled in a challenger pavilion first when we exhibited in the exhibition, but a scale has grown bigger for approximately three years ago, Impact hall is used for exhibitor from foreign countries, and THAIFEX became large so that it was held using two exhibition places of Challenger hall and Impact Hall.
As Japan TACOM, 8 companies set up booth at Japan Pavilion which JETRO exhibited like last year, and Japan pavilion was located at Hall 8 which was convenience to make communication from the main building passage.

About the domestic situation of Thailand, It was on the way to the civilianization, and there is the confused information, but the Bangkok city is peaceful without letting such a thing feel at all, and citizen’s life is peaceful, and economy is active.

3.Situation of exhibition
❶Preparation day (May 27th)
Started exhibition preparation started around 12pm.
Air-conditioner is not working during preparations every year, so need to bear with heat and humidity for set up booth.

Preparation for exhibition was completed around 16:00 after confirmed showpieces, put up poster, and briefing sessions by JETRO.

❷During exhibition period (May 28th – June 1st) Impact Hall
The advertising from the main building was worked well and had many customers come through a period.

<TACOM Booth at Japan Pavilion>

<Buyers from oversea>

<Visit of Bureaucrat of Thailand>

The Minister of Economy Trade and Industry councilor Mizuno leaded Senior Vice Minister Ministry of Industry (center) to Japan Pavilion

❸Day for public (Last Day)
Sampling products to many customers attended in Japan pavilion.

Main Challenger Hall

4.Notes of exhibition
❶Traffic jam
Traffic jams are always intense specially morning and evening, and car doesn’t move at all, and IMPACT exhibition center is in the suburbs of Bangkok City, but there is no station around the place, so basically need to use car as transportation.

Overseas buyers came a lot in our booth including Thailand buyer.
Especially, Visitors from the countries of new business partners such as Australia, and Myanmar, and also many customers comes from Dubai, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, so we were able to had active business talk through exhibition.

Suspended construction of MRT line was in progress now, and new building is built in sequence in the Bangkok city was full of vibrant.

Anyone tried to taste our confectionery products with pleasure once they heard the product is made in JAPAN in the exhibition, and popularity was also quit high for buyers.
Had many meaningful business talk with new customers, and existing trading company’s buyers with advance notice. We were able to achieve purpose without big accident in the exhibition to THAIFEX.