Chicago Candy Show (Sweets & Snack Expo) 2019

May 21st (Tue) – May 23rd (Thu), 2019
McCormick Place, CHICAGO, IL, USA

Number of Exhibitor 800
about 15,000

Total 6 companies exhibits from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)

Exhibitor (15 people from 6 companies participated):

Welcome Giant M&M Mascot at entrance of event, and there is also Giant curtain of HERSHY inside of exhibition hall.

2.General Information
6 companies from JAPAN TACOM joined to Chicago Sweets & Snack Expo.
Participated as subsidized project of MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) and have big supporting by MAFF.

Venue of exhibition location is in Chicago city, but it’s necessary to take taxi and other transportation. In the transportation in the city, taking a taxi or Uber are basics.
The impression of town of Chicago is mixed with old historical buildings and modern high-rise buildings.

Only buyers specializing in confectionery comes from the U.S, and the whole world to this exhibition, so this exhibition to able to have expectation towards active and meaningful business meeting.

3.Situation of exhibition
❶Preparation day(May 20st)
Preparation day before show. Carry in samples and set up booth.
Each company of JAPAN TACOM makes original booth lay out.

❷During exhibition period(May 21st – May 23rd)
American brand character in venue

❸Booth specifications of each company

❹Meeting activities with buyers

Chicago Candy Show is the only confectionery exhibition used name as sweets & snacks, and called as Candy Show. Attendees is only buyer specialized confectionery, and it’s the rare exhibition where buyers of confectionery gather for confectionery among food industries buyer.

The situation of confectionery industries in the United States is occupied on the shelf of the sales floor by the product of several famous confectionery companies like Mondelēz, Mars (M&M’s).
The same product is often displayed at one line of shelf in store.
Popularity is gone for a moment because of exhibiting only by major companies, but it has become more popular again.
The recent prosperous reason is considered it is the cause that regained popularity that the local American confectionery company of the small to medium sized business of commercial domain around 1,000 km(620 mi) is getting stronger and quality is also improving.
Taste and quality of products of these small-sized companies has letting you feel better than you think.

Promising, attractive products line up and display from all over the world and it attractive exhibition that is makes to feel there is the thing which a buyer wants.