June 19th(Wed) – 22nd(Sat), 2019
International Exhibition Center (adjacent to 101 world trade center building)

Numbers of exhibitor: 1,132
Numbers of attendees: 61,803 (Year 2017)

Total 11 companies exhibits from All Japan Trade Association of Confectionery Manufactures (JAPAN TACOM)
(6 companies at JETRO booth, and 1 for JAPAN TACOM booth)

Exhibition Hall
Adjacent to subway

2.General Information
This is the firth times to exhibit to FOOD TAIPEI as JAPAN TACOM.
11 companies had 7 booths this year as same as TAHIFEX in May.
It gradually feels to establish to find a business partner in a big overseas exhibition, and developing new market. Taiwan does not have diplomatic relations with Japan, but it’s the one of the country/area with the largest amount of exports as JAPAN TACOM, and important.

In addition, Taiwan is known as extremely pro-Japan nation. It was the story that I heard from one of oversea resident office worker, and the half of the class of the elementary school children has been to Japan, and there was a trend to use money in Japan if they spent money for a trip. It is rare country/area in the world where confectionery products line up like Japan in the convenience store in the city.

There is larger export amount compared other countries, but there are more opinions seeking delicious confectionery from Japan in the market.
There is still potential of expansion of Taiwan market and increase number of export amount. Therefore, making effort to seek new buyers, and build strong relationship with existing buyer is important.

Followings are report of exhibition.

3.Situation of exhibition
❶Preparation day

Confirmed pre-ordered equipment and put poster and finished preparations.

❷During exhibition period(Jun 19th – 22nd)

<Situation of preparation>
The opening time for exhibitor was 9:00, and opening time for customer was from 10:00, so it became busy preparations. There was confusion because the display venue of the south hall did not change the opening time for exhibitor at 8:00 as normal. Furthermore, venue time for exhibitor was from 9:30 from the second day and was very busy. Completed exhibition preparations for sample display and held the morning briefing in JAPAN TACOM members, and TACOM reminded member for opening and closing time of show.

Especially, alerted about handling of a cell-phone and valuables chiefly because theft occurred in JETRO booth in the THAIFEX exhibition of May, so noticed to be careful not let customers into booth side.

<Inside of exhibition>

4.Customer’s reaction
❶We felt Taiwanese people awfully disliked being to be consider as Chinese of mainland China. The interpreter said that consciousness was strong and race is totally different from a Chinese of the mainland. In the case of a gate check at the time of the entrance in Taiwan, people lined up with good manner and entered unlike an exhibition of mainland China, Shanghai.

We gave away samples for general visitors on the last day. No worry to have sampling stolen without permission (People take samples without permission in exhibition in China) even if it’s on the display stand, so let people know doing give away samples from exhibitor.

It is same feeling what we felt at the time of exhibition of THAIFEX, and feels that a scale greatly grows up from exhibition only in the area to the exhibition to a global scale exhibition in the East Asia. Many buyers and exhibitors are from all over the world.

JAPAN TACOM participated in this exhibition for 3 consecutive years secondary to last year.
There is a great numbers of attendance of the customer of this exhibition, but it may not be all buyers, and there is much number of general visitors too. As the buyer of a major department store and supermarket came to see product at each company’s booth more than from last year, so it was able to perform an effective business talk, because JETRO supported to invite the major buyer to exhibition.

Customer was not only from Taiwan, and buyer also came from mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, and other countries, and could make chance to introduce regular and new products from each company.

We sincerely appreciate to MAFF (Ministry of agriculture, forestry and fishes) and JETRO (Japan external trade organization) for great supporting for exporting confectionery industries.